C2 Helps Me to Reach More

by Liz Pevytoe, RN, IBCLC

In this cyber age, having an internet presence is of utmost importance. Instead of calling a doctor or a friend, many hit the search engines to answer both medical and non-medical questions.
When my clients began asking me if they could email me with questions after their babies arrived, I knew I needed to get on the ball and provide them with a professional web presence.

Sitesell delivers the best service for someone like me who is well educated in my particular field but had very little web building experience. Building my site has been easier than I imagined. So, when C2 went live, I jumped on it. The idea of being able to answer breastfeeding questions, then making my answers available to the world wide web was intriguing to say the least. Since most breastfeeding questions are similar, C2 makes perfect sense for my site.

Answering one question is likely to help many many moms. It is as simple for the mom as for me, just fill out a simple form and hit sumbit. I answer the question, post it and then the mom gets notification of the answer. Very easy.

Thank you Sitesell, for improving the service I can offer through my website.


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Creating Business with C2
by: Jan

Hi Ben

I want to make sure you get a response, but Liz, if you would like to answer, feel free to chime in.


1. There are lots of gardening/plant sites on the Internet. How will I be able to compete?

I don't think it's wise for anyone to tell you that you will be able to compete head-to-head with any particular site on the Net. There are a lot of variables involved, including your own actual performance, dedication to the site and ability to implement the tools.

However, SBIers have reported amazing results as a result of using SBI! (see http://results.sitesell.com) and with SBI! 2.0, keeping your site fresh in search engine eyes, is easier than ever.

The more people interact, the more new people interact and it grows and grows making your ability to compete much greater than going it solo.

2. If I did create all this, how is it going to get me new clients? Or how can I create revenue from it?

There are many ways to implement Content 2.0, and one is only limited by one's own creativity level. Now off the top of my head, one idea is to post links from your Content 2.0 pages to your service sales page. That way, as people get to know, like and trust you, they will click through and find the services you have to offer. If you provide a way for people to contact you for your services, you've just made yourself a potential lead generating machine.

The other idea that comes to mind is to offer peripheral and related products for sale on your site. Example, since you're a plant expert, you might offer plant food, soil, gardening tools, etc. for sale on your pages. By doing this, you will set up a way to capture sales for people outside your service area.

You can even offer a directory for service providers outside your local area in order to help those who are too distant for you to service personally.

In my experience, the more I used Content 2.0, the more ideas came to me on how I could use it. This may happen to you as well. Hopefully those few ideas will help get the ball rolling for you.

Hope it helps!


Will this work for me?
by: Ben

I have a local business. I am a landscape service that rents plants to nearby businesses. I'm looking for ways to expand my client base and know that lots of people love plants and would love to have an expert they can go to online to ask questions.

However, I have a couple of doubts -

1. There are lots of gardening/plant sites on the Internet. How will I be able to compete?

2. If I did create all this, how is it going to get me new clients? Or how can I create revenue from it?

C2 Amplifies the Snowball Effect
by: Jan

Hi Fran

I can't speak for Liz, of course, but I do know that because Content 2.0 can create so many new pages on your site, it can get you found in the search engines for many keywords you wouldn't normally suspect.

Also, in my own experience, people will sometimes Tweet your pages or post them on Stumble Upon, especially if there is a great conversation happening. This tends to pull more people into the site, who then sign up to be part of the group.

Content 2.0 really helps your site snowball.

Liz, please feel free to chime in if you wish. :)

by: Fran

Do you think people visit your site over other sites n your niche because of Content 2.0?

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