C2 Made My Site Feel "Alive"

by Yelena Kublitski

What I love the most about SBI 2.0 is that it allows real interaction with my site visitors. It makes my site feel "alive", and me - real and approachable.

Before C2, visitors could only read - now they can also contribute, rate and comment - now that's a winning combination in my book!

1. I now have a "Paint Colors Critique Corner" on my site - where visitors can upload a photo of their homes, describe their challenge and get personalized ideas and suggestions for their house painting projects.

RESULT: I get to position myself as an expert; the visitors get professional advice free of charge.

2. Site visitors can submit their painting projects (a photo + how they did it) for the world to see and comment on.

RESULT: I build a collection of some cool and creative painting ideas on my site; the contributors get to see their names in lights ;)

3. I started interviewing industry experts - but instead of creating a "regular" interview page on my site, I use C2. The reason for that is, my experts are all bloggers, so they are used to having feedback/comments.

RESULT: I establish connections with some really great people in my industry, build credibility for my site, and provide valuable content to my readers; the experts get to pre-sell their expertise and promote their businesses.

As of today, I have 122 "regular" pages on my site, and about 90 C2 pages (only 90 because I'm extremely picky about what contributions I accept).

And I'm just scratching the surface when it comes to leveraging the power of SBI 2.0! Up until a couple of months ago, I had only 5 C2 invitations on my site (due to laziness and procrastination) and I just recently added 2 more.

But this year I am committed to maximizing this great tool and using it to the fullest! Watch out, world! ;)

Thank you, Sitesell


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