Content 2.0 Features Ask Kate and Discover Your Inner Homeowner Savvy

by Kate Ford

Ask Kate!

Ask Kate!

After an abrupt end to my love affair with mortgage lending, I was left wondering how to regroup my life. How the accident happened was inconceivable, but not the effects.

For over twenty years, I worked one on one, face to face with my mortgage customers. My career had humble origins. I moved to a new state knowing one person besides my husband and daughters. But years later, I no longer worked at the bank or the mortgage companies, most of whom had merged or been bought. Instead I enjoyed the satisfaction and independence of owning a thriving mortgage brokerage.

However, an accident that one spring brought it all to a close. I missed my homeowners, home buyers and Realtors. We'd become very close over the years, but I was no longer physically able to keep up with the rigors of mortgage lending.

What I didn't know was that the second chapter of my life was about to begin.

Enter SBI to the scene!

After discovering SBI, I came up with the idea of building my first informational website, I began having fun sharing my vast knowledge and understanding of mortgage lending on the web. I called it translating the secret language of mortgage lending. But something was still missing: The day to day contact with people that I'd enjoyed for years and the satisfaction of hearing how I was impacting someone's life for the better.

Enter Content 2.0 to the scene!

Using the C2 technology, I offered a page on my website titled "Ask Kate," inviting Readers to my website to ask questions.

"What if you could ask a mortgage insider anything you want regarding mortgage lending? Well now you can!"

I began to hear from home buyers wondering how to qualify for the home of their dreams and frustrated homeowners trying to refinance. Next came questions regarding credit, finding lenders, locking interest rates and sadly, due to plummeting real estate values, how to avoid mortgage foreclosure.

Times have been rough for real estate. So I guess you could say I'm on a mission--a mission to support home ownership across America. And thus I am grateful to SBI.

With the C2 technology, I've discovered how to use my knowledge to build a business and every day, from the comfort of my home, give back to homeowners, home buyers and others who so graciously support my website.

I'm proud to say my Readers are discovering their inner homeowner savvy. What could be better than that?!

PS I also began a second website, Can you guess its newest page? Yes, that's right! Ask Kate!

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Great site
by: Kathy

Your site is so interesting and helpful, Kate!

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