Content 2.0 for Questions and Answers

by Kurt Schmitt

I've used SBI! 2.0's Content 2.0 in a number of ways, including allowing visitors to upload funny videos, ask questions, and contribute tips. This has resulted in the creation of over 210 additional pages on my site.

One of the most effective uses of C2 by far, however, has been the creation of a questions and answers section focused on a very common situation for cat owners: litter box problems.

I usually answer each question myself, and then other visitors can add their answers and comments as well. This is far better, and far more popular than my previous method of answering questions by email. Email discussions are never seen by anyone else, can't be indexed by the search engines, and don't benefit the public.

An unexpected benefit of this was that the questions and some of the answers showed me where I had big holes in my content. I thought I had already explained many of the issues that were being asked in the questions, but it became clear that I had not. This fresh view of my site prompted me to revise my existing pages, add a few more as well, and restructure my site a bit.

So, C2 directly accelerates the growth of my site by adding visitor created pages with new topics and subtopics I didn't even know I needed. In addition, it indirectly shows me how I can make my site better. Since I'm now certain which content my visitors crave, I can quickly and easily create or edit my pages with the confidence that I'm addressing the exact points that my visitors need.


Comments for Content 2.0 for Questions and Answers

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Just to follow up
by: Kurt


I believe you're right about the authority and trust factor. Only a small percentage of visitors will normally contribute content. There are always tons of lurkers, though, and they watch what you do.


One advantage that large companies have over small ones is the ability to gather huge amounts of data on their market. For a small website, gathering questions can be almost as good as surveys. For every visitor who asks a question, there are many more with the same or similar question who don't ask.

You'd never know about these questions if you didn't give people the chance to ask them. For every question that's asked, a number of sub-topics usually pop into my head that I realize I have not covered, and it starts a whole new brainstorming session.

Another aspect to this is Seth Godin's idea of giving people a place to market to each other, and then getting out of the way. That's the basic premise behind eBay, PayPal, Adsense, and flea markets.

Wherever crowds gather, the money will follow. In my case, I simply run ads from third parties and make the occasional product suggestion. One of my best "sales" pages, in terms of click through and conversions isn't a sales page at all. It's a visitor created page where I made a simple product suggestion.

How Q & A Helps Business
by: Jan

Hi There!

I can't speak for Kurt (so feel free to chime in, Kurt :-)), but I can speak for myself and for what I've observed with others.

One of the biggest factors in making sales on the Net is obtaining the trust of your visitors.

The Question and Answer format is used by many SBI!ers who employ Content 2.0 on their sites. There have been many reports of how answering questions and providing information increases one's visibility as an authority and not just with those whose questions you answer.

People who don't necessarily interact, but visit and read how you handle the questions and deal with the public. They observe your knowledge in action and get a good sense of your competence. This instills trust.

Over time, people start to rely on you as the authority on the subject and as a result, your sales increase. Sales like this also tend improve/increase as time goes by, as well.

Hope this helps!

How Does that Help?
by: Blythe

Do you feel that having that question and answer function helps your business?

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