Content 2.0 with Adsense and Other Monetization Options

by Alan Wiener

When I first started C2 I did opt in to putting the 468x60 Adsense Ad on my submission pages and the 120x90 Adsense Ad on my comment pages in the hopes of getting a little revenue from C2. Then about a month after starting C2 I ran into an interesting post on the SBI Forums on how you can add a 468x60 Adsense Banner to your C2 pages by using a inline frame. So I went back and added the banners to all of the C2 pages I had. Each month I noticed a nice increase in my Adsense Revenue. The more C2 pages I added the better the Adsense revenue became.

For the months of June to October of this year my Adsense revenue skyrocketed. I went into my Adsense Statistics to see what ads were causing the dramatic increase in my revenue and Surprise, surprise, surprise the top earning ad was the 468x60 C2 Banner in second place was the 120x90 C2 text ads that appear on all my submission pages and In 7th place was the 468x15 text ad that appears on my comments pages. In fact these 3 little Adsense ads that only appear on my C2 pages now account for 51% of my websites total Adsense Revenue. We are not talking nickels and dimes here. Each month starting with June my little C2 ads earned enough revenue each month so that if I wanted to I could buy another SBI website (at the regular price) and still have money left over Now you add in the other 51% of my Adsense revenue and I could be buying 2 new SBI websties and still have money left over, THANK YOU SBI AND C2.

Just a note here on the “poor performance” of the 468x15 Adsense Ads on my C2 pages. These ads only appear on comment pages. When I answer a question that is submitted to me, I answer the question on the original submission page. I do not answer the questions by adding a comment. Some of the questions that are submitted to me are very short and to the point. When I answer the question on the original submission page, it makes the page longer; my visitors do not have to scroll down to the comments section to read my answer. A longer page is better for the search engines. The longer page gives me more opportunity to do some monetization above the fold, etc. I also keep any comments that are submitted attached to the original submission. In my opinion it is better than having the visitor click a link to view the comment for that page.

C2 and Infolinks

If you are participating in the Infolinks Program you can have Infolinks appear on all of your C2 pages by putting the Infolinks JavaScript code right below the code for your 120x90 Adsense Ad on the C2 Adsense Automator Page. If you do not want to have Infolinks on certain C2 submissions simply paste in By box on the submission form and no Infolinks will show on that particular C2 page.

C2 and Affiliate Programs

If you want to earn money from your affiliate programs on your C2 pages there are three key points to remember; Text Links, Text Links and Text Links!!!! If you are not putting affiliate text links on your C2 pages you are missing out on a great opportunity to earn affiliate income. Prior to C2 I was earning small amounts of money from some of my affiliates and none from others. After adding affiliate text links to my C2 pages I actually started to earn some decent money from a lot of my affiliates. The more text links I added for each affiliate the more money I make from that affiliate, yes it has been just as simple as that.

Around 70% of my total affiliate income now comes directly from text links on my C2 pages and I am getting some very nice monthly checks from these affiliates thanks to C2. The remainder of my affiliate income comes from Banners, Widgets, Astores, etc. scattered around my website. The C2 text links out perform all of the other widgets, gadgets, display ads, etc. that my affiliates offer.

As I said earlier, I do not concentrate on monetization when I answer a C2 question that my visitor submits. I just give them the best answer I can to their question. When I am done answering their question I look at the answer I gave them and see if there are monetization opportunities in my answer. I ask myself “Is there a text link that I can add from one or more of my affiliates to this answer?” If there is; I add the text links to the answer. If there are no good opportunities for text links then I just build the page and move on to the next question. Because I know that even though I did not put text links on that page, it will still earn revenue through the magic of Adsense and Infolinks.

In my case about 50% of my C2 pages give me the opportunity of adding affiliate text links. For example when I got this question Should We Put A Cover On Our New Travel Trailer? As you can see I gave them an honest answer to their question and I also gave them 3 shopping opportunities to three of my affiliates. The reason I gave them 3 different places to shop is simple. The visitor may not like Amazon, eBay or Camping World for one reason or another, so now they have two other retailers to choose from. By the way, the text links on this page are converting very well. I have had people purchase RV covers from all 3 of these retailers since this answer was originally posted all from the text links on this one C2 page. The reason why this page converts well is because the visitors to this page are really interested in possibly getting an RV Cover, but they are not really sure if it is necessary. I give them an honest and sincere answer as to why it is important to cover their RV along with 3 opportunities to purchase the covers from one of my affiliates.

You will also notice that the C2 page I linked to above has a third column that I have added. This is something new I am trying to see if I can monetize the C2 pages with the added right side bar. You will notice that the right side bar has a mix of text links and graphics ads. I want to see which type of affiliate ad will work on the right side of C2 pages. It is too early to tell which type of ad is the best for the right side. I am adding this right side bar to all of the C2 questions that I am answering right now. If this right side bar turns out to monetize well then I will spend a day adding it to all of my C2 pages.

Don’t be surprised when you sell items that have nothing to do with your website’s main topic. Because of the question I received on Digital TV Converter Boxes, my visitors are buying TVs, Home Theater Systems, Audio/Video Cables, DVD Players, TV stands etc. Even though I have no links to Home Theater Systems, Audio/Video Cables or TV Stands on my website, it appears that once my visitors get to my affiliates websites they go shopping for other items as well. They have bought Table Saws, Karaoke Music CDs, Jewelry, Allergy Tablets, Lots of Non-RV related Books etc. Does it bother me that none of these items are related to RVing? No, because I am getting commissions on whatever they buy. By the way they are also buying a lot of RV related merchandise as well. I hope that after reading this you will come to the same conclusion that I did; that having C2 on your website creates an excellent monetization opportunity for you.


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It Has Gotten Even Better
by: Alan

Greetings Darlene,

Thanks for your comment. Just a heads up. Since I wrote this, Adsense and my other affiliate income has gotten even better each month thanks to C2. I am now averaging 3 to 4 RVing questions coming in each day. That is the potential for 3 to 4 long-tailed keyword pages I can add per day.

Hope this helps

Alan (aka RVing Al)

Great post!
by: Darlene

Thanks for this detailed post. I will try some of your techniques once I set up my C2 pages.

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