Everything-About-RVing.com Content 2.0 Performance Update

by Alan Wiener

Background I started with C2 at the end of December 2008 and there have been a lot of positive developments that have occurred since then. I currently have 4 C2 invitations on my website. I have not gotten around to adding any more because my Ask An RV Question Invitation has gone viral and is keeping me very busy. The Ask An RV Question C2 Invitation has generated 315 new pages for my website. I had a lot more submissions then that, but I do not answer all of the questions that are submitted to me (more on that later).

The other 3 C2 invitations Tell Us About Your Favorite Place To Camp, Tell Us Why You Love RVing and Tell Us Your Funny RVing Stories have only generated 9 new pages. Am I worried about the lack of submissions on those other C2 Invitations? Not in the least, as you will see it only takes one successful C2 Invitation to boost your website to greater heights. In the future I plan to run some contests to promote submissions to those other 3 C2 Invitations, but I am really in no hurry at this time. From this point forward the C2 successes I talk about will be about the Ask An RV Question C2 Invitation.

C2 Increases Website Traffic

I am not talking about a slight increase in traffic; I am talking about a dramatic increase in traffic. In December of 2008 according to SBI Traffic Stats I had an average of 135 visits per day with an average of 71 unique visitors per day and an average of 374 page views per day. For the month of October of this year I had an average of 1162 visits per day with an average of 613 unique visitors and 3171 page views per day. How do I know that this is due to C2 very simply of the top 200 most visited pages on my website for October 115 of them have been C2 pages and of the top 100 entry pages for my website 63 are C2 Pages. So lots of people are finding my website thanks to those long-tailed keyword C2 pages. This leads me to the conclusion that if I had not started C2 back in January that I would not have as many visitors as I do now.

Don’t get me wrong, quite a few of my keyword focused content pages are doing quite well too. I spend a lot of time on my keyword focused content pages, to make sure I pass Analyze It, etc. When I answer one of the questions submitted on my C2 invitation I just answer the question the best I can and don’t really spend a lot of time focusing on keywords, etc. so I can produce a lot more C2 pages in less time and it looks like those long tailed keywords take care of the rest. Who would think that the 7th most popular page on my website would be one that has a title like http://www.everything-about-rving.com/what-rv-manufacturers-are-out-of-business.html When I answered this question, I had no clue that this would be one of my most popular pages. I didn’t write it with the intent of making it a keyword rich answer; I just answered my visitor’s question.

C2 increases traffic in other ways too. I have been getting back links thanks to C2. Some of the answers I give end up being added to some RVing Blogs with a link back to my page. I have gotten links from some RVing forums where someone has posted a link to one of my C2 pages to answer one of the forum member’s questions. I participate in answering questions on the Yedda Questions website as an RVing expert. I do not go out of my way to answer the question on Yedda. About 3 times a week I get an e-mail from Yedda with a list of questions that their visitors have asked about RVing and even some other questions about Digital TV. When I look at these questions I occasionally find a question that I have previously answered for one of my visitors on a C2 page. So I go to Yedda and give them a snippet of the answer I gave to my visitor and put a link on the Yedda answer to that C2 page. That takes maybe 3 or 4 minutes and now I have a back link to my website from Yedda.

C2 gives you ideas for e-Zine Articles, more content pages for your website and even more monetization options. There are questions that get submitted through C2 about RVing topics that I would have never thought of writing about. Here is the third question that I was asked when I opened up my Ask An RV Question Invitation “Does Our RV Need A Digital TV Converter box?”. http://www.everything-about-rving.com/does-our-rv-need-a-digital-tv-converter-box.html This one C2 Question has moved my website into a direction that I never thought of moving it. I am very knowledgeable on the subject of RVing, but I am also knowledgeable about electronics so I figured what the heck, even though this question was not the type of RVing question I was looking for I decided to answer it. I had no idea that this decision may have been the best decision I have made since I decided to build a website through SBI.

I answered the question and figured that was the end of the RV television questions. Then a couple of days later I received another question How Do I Install A Digital TV Converter Box In My RV? http://www.everything-about-rving.com/how-do-i-install-a-digital-tv-converter-box-in-my-rv.html So I answered that question. Then came another one about How to Improve the Digital TV Reception in an RV. In about a month’s period of time I had 8 more RVers asking questions about their RV’s TVs. That’s when it finally dawned on me that my fellow RVers were nuts about their TVs and it also dawned on me that I had a monetization opportunity here that I was not taking advantage of. So I went back to all of the TV questions I had received and started adding Amazon affiliate text links for the products I was recommending they should use to get better reception on their RV’s TVs.

Up until this point my Amazon.com Affiliate Program was doing absolutely nothing. I was making a few dollars here and there. Once I put those text links on those C2 pages I started selling Digital TV Converter Boxes, TV Amplifiers and Antenna Attachments right and left. Here was a RVing website and I was selling more TV stuff than I was RVing stuff. Was I complaining? No I was not.

The question about how to install a digital TV Converter Box In An RV gave me the idea of converting my answer to an e-Zine article. So I wrote an article about the topic and guess what it became the most popular article I have ever written for ezinearticles. I have written two more RV TV related articles since then and they are my top 3 ezinearticles. I dedicated a whole edition of my website’s e-Zine to the topic of TV and RVing.

Then I ran into a problem. I was getting a ton of questions about RVing and TV and every time I answered one of the new TV questions I would go back to the old C2 TV questions pages and add links to the new TV questions that I just answered. This was becoming time consuming; so I decided to quickly create a tier 2 page called Digital TV Tips For RVers and just categorize the links to the TV related C2 pages. http://www.everything-about-rving.com/digital-tv.html By the way that quickly thrown up page is now the 7th most visited page on my website. If you type “Digital TV Tips” in either Google or Bing my little thrown together page shows up on the first results page for both search engines. Shortly I will be creating a new tier 2 page about RV Maintenance and Repair with links to all of the RV maintenance and repair questions I have answered through C2.

Remember all of these good results were prompted by 1 simple C2 question that took me and my website on a journey that we had never planned on. The bottom line is that C2 creates new traffic and has the ability create giant snowball effects.

C2 Earns Revenue

I am here to tell you that C2 pages are an excellent opportunity to increase your website’s income. When I first started answering the RVing questions on my website, I was more interested in getting people to my website to read the answers I gave and hoped that they would look around the rest of the website and eventually get to my “Keyword Optimized Monetization Pages”

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