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Nothing builds long-term momentum and monetizes like traffic from Google and the other search engines. Most small e-businesses fail due to a lack of free, targeted Search Engine traffic. SBI! is a proven, Top 1% traffic-builder.

What about "social media marketing?" It is a useful adjunct and SBI! helps you there, too. But social traffic takes too much of your ongoing time and does not monetize well.

When Google picks up your new content (and Content 2.0 helps with that, too), traffic grows like a virus. "Viralize" your traffic with C2. Then encourage your visitors to contribute.

The "Snowball Virus"

As we have seen, visitors build content for you with Content 2.0. And it gets better... Other visitors comment on that content. E-mail notices pass between contributors, increasing interaction. Your visitors' contributions are further spread by RSS feeds, even in your e-zines (where you can also encourage your regular followers to participate even more).

Search engine spiders pick up all this new content and activity. Traffic builds, meaning even more visitors. And that means you start the cycle all over again, this time with more visitors creating even more content.

We call this the "Snowball Virus." It literally "viralizes" traffic.

SBIers, How Has Content 2.0 Increased Your Traffic?

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Read How Content 2.0 Results In Viral Traffic Growth

Read real-life stories about how Content 2.0 drives viral-type traffic growth (all of which have been submitted by SBIers in the form above). SBIers thrive where most others fail... traffic. Monetizing is easy when you have high volumes of the right type of traffic. These stories illustrate that.

Content 2.0 Creates Viral Directory Listings 
I stared with an idea for a directory after seeing Susan of pole-dancing-fitness's directory. In my niche, doulas and midwives are needing exposure and …

Content 2.0 Brings in Extra Traffic 
When my power generator site was newer, I was very surprised and happy to see that I was being found for search terms related to certain generator brands …

New Content 2.0 Page Climbs the Ranks for Views 
I have been a slow builder with my website. Now with C2, I have double the pages than what I have built on my site. It's so easy, I even love building …

C2 Helped My Site Get More Visitors! 
I've doubled the visitors on my Site, since using the module Content 2.0 from SBI! Since I started C2 I could nearly watch from the very beginning …

Content 2.0 Increases Traffic and Makes My Site Real  
Content 2.0 or C2 as we call it, is, simply put, getting other persons to add content to your site totally free of charge. It's like having your own mini …

My Site is Already in 57 Countries 
Hello friends, I have launched a new Web site called LoveShift. It is mostly YouTube videos, but some text and articles also. I have over 90 pages, …

Using Content 2.0 to Build Credibility as a Source of Information and to Get Traffic 
I'm a UK-based SBIer and started my site on menopausal weight gain in 2008. I soon realised that people were finding the site by typing questions into …

Ask the Expert With C2 - A Real Winner 
I think one of the easiest tools from SBI to utilize is C2. It is set up for all people to participate now even newbies. It can be a real "site saver" …

3 Sites, 3 Different Experiences With Content 2.0 
I have three sites and each one has been a totally different experience regarding Content 2.0. For example, when I started C2 on my site, …

My Site Ranks Higher Than the Company I Represent 
After less than three months, with the help of SBI and the power of C2, I am already receiving over 1,500 unique visitors a month to my multi-level marketing …

C2 Sky-Rocketed The Traffic On My Website! 
My paranormal website was doing great using SBI and after 2 years had a few hundred visitors every day. I thought this was pretty good traffic and the …

Content 2.0 Delivers Content and Traffic... Free 
Since implementing C2 on my site, visitors post questions that I answer for them. This in turn has inspired most visitors to add their comments on answered …

Romantic Webpages Growing Virally With C2 
I first added content 2.0 to my website a couple of years ago, with a lot of success right off the bat. But it wasn't until just recently, when I created …

The Wisdom Of My Visitors Is Worth Bottling 
A steady stream of favorite quote submissions from my visitors inspires me to keep developing my personal growth site. It encourages me to see how resilient …

Content 2.0 Is Helping Me Flatten The World 
As I see it, Content 2.0 is playing a big part in further "flattening the world" as Thomas L. Friedman described at length in his book "The World Is Flat". …

400 Extra daily visitors thanks to C2  
I have a travel website with SBI where I'm sharing my passion for this amazing East African country, the prime safari destination in the world. Currently …

Content 2.0 Makes Travel Sites Grow Virally 
As the owner of a travel/information site and not one that had an actual product to sell, I was seriously discouraged during the first 18 months I used …

It's Always Best to be on Top and Content 2.0 Makes that Possible 
Greetings! I started with the Content 2.0 portion of Site Build It! in September 2007. I was receiving just over 1300 visitors per day that month. Currently, …

C2 Keep My Website Up-to-Date and Turned Me into an Editor 
Hello! I am Fion and I'm delighted to have a chance to share my story here. Content 2.0 has helped to automate my traffic growth and turn me into an editor …

Content 2.0 Created 48 New Pages On My Site 
I didn't really pay a great deal of attention to the SBI content additions to my site, just looked at them as they came in, approved, edited, and put them …

Inbound Links from Content 2.0 Means More Traffic to My Core Pages 
I created an "Ask the Expert" section with Content 2.0, and find that most people ask the same questions that I've already answered elsewhere on my site. …

Books Need Illustrations 
I have a number of Content 2.0 invitations up on my two book sites, Best Children's Books and The Shared Self Publishing Experience. On each site, the …

C2 exploded my business to more than a full time job! 
Thanks to C2, my income went from needing to be supplemented, to paying our bills and now being able to afford hiring someone to help me! I "seeded" my …

C2 is the Key to our growth 
C2 has revolutionized my Web site. Since incorporating this incredible function on my site, it has grown tremendously. But even though the growth has …

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Traffic Growth On My Web Sites Due To Content 2.0 
I have successfully implemented Content 2.0 (C2) on two of my SBI! web sites. I currently have 714 approved submissions on my real estate site and 780 …

The Turtle Got Legs!! 
My website was building traffic, albeit slowly and steadily, moving just like the infamous tortoise. And then, along came Content …

My Unexpected Success With Content 2.0 
My main purpose for the website,, is to help teen girls find their true beauty amidst so many messages from the media and culture …

Content 2.0 Means Steady Growth Times 2 
We are so excited about our site (well, now two sites). We can see the traffic "snowball" growing bigger and bigger everyday. I love looking at our traffic …

870 New Content Pages in One Year! 
Hi. my name is Rebecca and I'm very excited to share my Content 2.0 experience. I added C2 to my website more than a year ago. I'm a stay at home mom and …

Content 2.0 Added 1000 Pages to My Site 
When I first began creating my website, I really had no clue what I was doing. I just followed along with the SBI! Action Guide. I had no website experience …

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SBI! delivers a proven process and a the only complete suite of tools that convert your knowledge/passion into a profitable e-business.

Your knowledge and life experiences are unique. Use SBI! to tap into your interests. Connect with like-minded people. Grow a profitable e-business that can make this the first day of the rest of your life.

SBI! has long been the best way to achieve e-business-building success. No other product has its proven track record of success.

We took the best and pushed it an entire level higher. C2 turns your visitors into willing content-contributors. Content 2.0 pushes way beyond blogging, where you still create all the content and where only a few (the same few, if any) visitors leave short comments, often just to get "link love."

Content 2.0 is true Web 2.0 for the small e-business person. Visitors create full Web pages because they want to, because they share your passion. Others comment. Viral spread happens.

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Important Disclosure

This site was started by (creator of SBI!) to showcase Content 2.0.

The vast majority of pages on this site are from submissions by real SBI! owners who want to share their stories with you.

They receive no compensation of any kind from Their stories are true.

Feel free to interact with any of them with your questions or comments. Use the Comments section at the end of each story.

You will notice a common thread here... These people simply do it. They have "BAM"...

Brain (knowledge of something) Attitude (positive) Motivation" (willing to work).

BAM is the key ingredient that you must add to SBI!. To elaborate...

"Brain" does not mean "brainy." It means they have, or have developed, knowledge in a niche (perhaps from a hobby, job, other life experience).

"Attitude" means they are positive, optimistic people who work well with others (this is why the SBI! Forums are unmatched in the small e-business world).

"Motivation" means they want to build a business and take control of their lives enough to sacrifice some leisure activities.

We point this out because we do not want to falsely raise your expectations. SBI! does not deliver "automatic success." Nothing can.

Your degree of success depends on your own level of "BAM," upon how much time you devote to building your Web business, and upon following the process correctly (every successful SBIer will tell you, "Follow the Action Guide").

SBI! does deliver what it promises... your best chance at e-business success. SBI! works... if you work it.