My C2 Story

by Jamey

I have been building websites for 2 and half years now. I started like most SBIers with no knowledge of how to do it. SBI! has given me the knowledge and the tools I needed to succeed. I was looking for a business online. I was going to do a drop ship business, when I ran into an SBI! affiliate link.

I read the testimonials and the business plan. I had no experience in website building, but I have had plenty of business experience and it wasn’t hard for me to see that the business plan was solid. I was sold on the clear proclamation that this was not get rich quick. In my mind the message was “Build it right and they will come.”

I started my site with my mind clear and focused on being like the tortoise. Slow and steady was the way I would build my site. I set no expectations of traffic or results. I just started building pages. I understand that traffic is the key to the business, and I am in it for the long run. I had no need to be in a hurry. And once I have the traffic only my imagination limits me on how I monetize that traffic.

After 9 months or so, I was at about 40 pages built, when it started to sink in what this business is all about. It is about activity and traffic. I had built a nice foundation of pages. My traffic was growing, albeit slowly, when I started to ask myself this question: If I was a visitor why would I come back to my site? I was delivering good content, but really there was no reason to come again. I needed desperately to build in some interaction. My niche is Lacrosse. And my visitors are parents, players, coaches, etc… I wanted those visitors to visit frequently.

With that in mind, I purchased C2 (this was before SiteSell added it to SBI! for free). And my first pages were all trial and error. I had no plan as to what I wanted to do; I just knew I wanted people to participate. I tried doing some photo pages, Share your photos, and tell your stories about Lacrosse camps that you have been to. Neither of those ideas took off. No responses. I was discouraged. But I just needed to find the topics that piqued the interest of my visitors.

So I created some state pages: "Tell us about lacrosse in your state." "Tell us about your club in your state." That kind of thing. I created just a few to start with to see how they went. They were good. It was working. Clubs could throw out an advertisement about themselves at the state level. I added C2 pages on drills and tips, but this was not as successful at first. So I seeded them all myself with examples of what I was looking for, and just left them alone. And submissions started to trickle in.

Then it occurred to me to let the camps talk about their camps. That was instant success; a few camps added their info. I thought, okay now we have something. This can work. Commercial submissions had great potential.

Then magic happened.

I received a tip from a commercial vendor who did stick stringing. And he wanted to know if he could link back to his site. Of course I agreed and it occurred to me. Why not ask him to do some articles on Stick Stringing with a link back to his site?

I needed the quality content, he needed exposure for his little business. It was magic. I think it is the perfect marriage for C2. And so I started to promote the idea. Who could submit more qualified information then a commercial visitor? They are, by definition, experts. Now I was on to something. You can see that first commercial page here...

I added a page on custom Lacrosse sticks. The thought being that businesses that wanted to sell custom designed sticks could display their work. Well right away I got an entry from a kid. He didn’t get it. He just said a few words like "My stick is red and gold and I love it." I didn’t even accept the entry. I deleted it. It wasn’t what I was looking for.

The next day I got another one just like it from a different kid. I thought, okay, well that isn’t working. I will change my intro text to better describe what I wanted. Guess what? Again another kid submitted the same kind of thing. “My perfect stick would be blue and red with fire on the handle.” Something like that. I decided what the heck, I would accept it.

And they just kept on coming like that. Not at all what I wanted, but after 30 or so submissions I decided maybe I should listen to them. Maybe they knew better then I did what they were interested in. They were responding with what they wanted to talk about. And now that is my most active and successful C2 page. To date I have over 95 quality submissions on this page alone.

One day out of the blue I was looking at my rankings, and I couldn’t believe it! I was ranked #7 (now #3) for custom Lacrosse sticks at Google. And I don’t even sell any. And guess what else. All of my pages and my rankings were improving. My state pages were now ranked top 10 with several #1.

So I decided to build out all of the states. I thought man, that’s going to be a lot of work. It wasn’t at all. I just copied the other states C2 invitations and changed a few key elements like the state names. I made sure that my auto responders were generic. I did 40 C2 state Pages in 3-4 hours one Sunday afternoon. I now have all 50 states in my directory. All powered by C2. And many of those pages have not yet even been listed.

My Lacrosse Directory is #1. And I am battling major media outlets like CBS sports and ESPN. I chose to go for the big keyword Lacrosse and nevertheless, I am steadily winning that battle and my Alexa ranking is plummeting a good thing ;-). I am now averaging 1200 or so page views a day and growing. We are in the slow part of the lacrosse season. I give C2 the bulk of the credit for that growth. Because of C2 my site is more then double the size it would be. My visitors did that for me.

I now add C2 to everything that makes sense because it’s just too easy not to. And because I don’t know what page is going to be successful. I just build it and let my visitors tell me by which ones they use. I would never build another site again without centering it on C2. And I paid for it. I would again. The fact that it is now included for free as part of the package is truly brilliant. We all owe Ken Evoy a kiss on that one. It is truly a gold mine. I have looked at many other products in the market. I have found absolutely nothing that even comes close to the value of this product.

I am currently with my wife working on 2 new websites and C2 will be the center piece of both. I plan to invest heavily into the notion that my visitors will build my sites. And they will drive the content by their interests; along with expert commercial C2 pages will be the foundation of all three sites.

I think my results speak for themselves. I won’t say C2 is the only reason for the growth of my site, but it is clearly a major factor.

Before C2...

I had roughly 40 uploaded pages with a very few in the top 30. No more then 8-10 and almost none listed outside of Google.

Since C2...

193 Uploaded pages

83 invitations

214 C2 Page submissions

Along with 100 plus Infin It pages, I now have 22 pages ranked #1 at Google, 55 in the top 10, and 79 in the top 30.

At Yahoo I now have 8 that are #1, 26 pages in the top 10, and 37 in the top 30.

At Bing I now have 14 that are #1, 37 pages in the top 10, and 65 in the top 30.

At Ask I now have 7 that are #1, 24 pages in the top 10, and 32 in the top 30.

If you are not using C2, you are missing the boat. There are so many possibilities.

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by: Jamey

I could write a whole page on monetization. I monetize in a number of ways and my profit is growing slowly but steadily. The sky is really the limit, and how hard you want to work it. My main steady monetization is Adsense. I am making about $500/month with Adsense now. I am making around $100 more with in-text advertising. I expect those numbers to double in a year. My growth and profit are growing simultaneously.

Along with that as my site becomes more popular I am starting to get many more opportunities for traditional advertising. Lacrosse groups are seeing the benefits to being on my site and I am being contacted regularly by more and more real businesses. I plan to grow my traditional advertising revenue to around 5k a year.

I am also growing my affiliate sales through Amazon which is generating another $50/month now, and I now have real brick and mortar retailers who want to sell their goods through my site.

I offer some pay-for services like a team manager and paid-for directory service, but so far those things make peanuts.

I also now am starting to play with some ideas for real business opportunities that my business is opening doors to.

As my site gains credibility and recognition doors are opening all over the place.

Hope that helps a little. Good luck

How are you monetizing?
by: Anonymous

As an individual considering the SB1 package, you have put an enormous amount of time and love into your Lacrosse site and pushed it in the search engines to high rankings with the many visitors. But you didn't mention at all how much money you are making from the site, or is it more like a hobby or a community service?

Can you update the info on that section please so the picture fully emerges of a site that is fully rounded out? I don't want to see myself in 12 months still being a community service. I only say
this because alas it has happened to me before.

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