People Love to "Ask the Expert"!

by Kathi MacNaughton

My Scooter Answers Page

My Scooter Answers Page

I've been building websites with SBI for 10 years. I love the product and I now have 7, going on 10, SBI websites. I've built them other ways too, but by far, it's my SBI websites that are the most successful.

I was slow to warm up to C2 when it was first introduced. Busy with other things, I didn't immediately see how it would fit into my site plans. My first foray, on my resume site, was to use it to get people to submit their resumes and cover letters for peer review. That didn't get too many submissions and I was the only one who really responded to any of them.

Next, I decided (I think after reading of this idea on the SBI forums) to try an "Ask the Expert" kind of idea, where visitors could submit questions related to writing resumes and other job-related topics and I would answer them. That exploded! I've had 256 submissions so far. Most of them I can answer in just a couple of minutes. And many of these pages are ranked highly in the search engines and bring me traffic every single day.

On my scooter site (, I implemented C2 first for scooter brand/model reviews (and a few other categories). That has also been very successful, but it was when I decided to add my Scooter Answers invitation that again things really took off. I'm not able to answer the majority of the questions that come in as they are often mechanically oriented and that's not my forte (I just love riding my scooter!). But that's not a problem, because I have a few dedicated volunteers (that I didn't even have to recruit) who love to answer these questions. Questions are usually answered within a couple of hours! I've had 297 C2 submissions on the scooter site (which gets only about 10% of the monthly traffic of the resume site at this writing); 123 of those were questions. The answers often spark lively debate, with lots of comments. So do the reviews. I think the scooter site has done so well because it's rather unique. There aren't that many content sites about motor scooters, while there are tons in the resume niche.

But the bottom line is that people love to ask questions and get quality answers. Think Yahoo Answers, but niche-specific. C2 is the perfect vehicle for this and it is so very easy to implement! I highly recommend it, and the fact that the price is now included in the SBI yearly license fee is unbelievable.


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