Profit From Your Content

Making money from your site ("monetization") is the end-goal of your e-business, of course. It looks like our Rocket-Powered Turtle is doing well.

But what ever happened to the poor hare? It's hard to move forward when you are constantly in search of Get Rich Quick and other schemes, or lured into regular hosting's invitation to put a site or blog up so cheap-quick-easy...

We see so many people-hares confused years later, still wandering aimlessly (but very quickly, as always!).

Meanwhile, tortoises see that Content 2.0...

  • accelerates your content-building (hundreds/thousands of pages)

  • "viralizes" your traffic due to powerful circular feedbook loops

  • PREsells you to the level of an authority in your niche.

If you know and understand C T P M, you know what this means. You will monetize more...

  • in more ways

  • from more visitors

  • making more income per visitor.

So Many Monetization Options

At a simple level, traffic increases monetization. Content 2.0 ("C2") can multiply traffic many times over. So those SBIers who use Google AdSense as their primary way to earn income multiply those revenues.

For many, though, that's just the beginning. Visitor-generated content often opens your eyes to great and varied possibilities... e-books, joint ventures, affiliate income, selling your own services.

Content 2.0 can even be used to generate income on its own. Some SBIers charge advertisers to write their own "full-page ads." Near effortless income generation.

And remember the self-accelerating loop...

  • The more visitors, the more content and more inbound links.

  • The greater your content and popularity, the more visitors.

  • The more visitors and content and links and popularity, the greater your reputation/authority.

Content 2.0 automatically converts all that traffic into AdSense income. AdSense It! takes every Content 2.0 submission and places 0-3 AdSense ads, varying in size and location according to how "aggressive" you want SBI! to be.

This intelligent module maximizes income, delivering a near infinite number of placements, even varying the presentation of ads according to length of the initial page (written by your visitor). It does the same for comments (if you set it to do that).

The secret? A complex algorithm drives the placement of ads, using Google's and experts' advice on how to maximize income (within your own comfort level of how aggressive to be).

AdSense It! is true set-it-and-forget-it monetization on your site!

SBIers, How Has Cointent 2.0 Helped You Monetize More?

Please share how C2 has helped you monetize more. (Click here for the form).

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See How SBIers Monetize Thanks To SBI!

The bottom line of the content acceleration, the viral traffic growth and the authority-level PREselling is more monetization (more ways, more dollars per way, less resistance). See the wide variety of methods, direct and indirect, that SBIers use to monetize their SBI! sites.

I find out what people are really looking for with C2 
My site is only a baby, really, because I picked quite a tough niche in property investing. The addition of C2 to my pages has shown me, though, what people …

We Got Hundreds of Free Games with Content 2.0 
On,m I publish articles on all sorts of stuff related to management. One of our major topic areas is icebreaker games - you know, the warm up …

Enjoying C2! 
Dean here from - I enjoy the opportunity that SBI has given me to basically operate my own "little" business from the comforts of …

C2 Results in Triple Increase - More Content, More Traffic and More Income 
I created my first SBI! site in the beginning of 2003. During the last seven years, SBI! has helped to create a high-ranking, traffic-pulling, income-generating …

Complete Non-Techie Now A Proud SBIer 
I am Sanjida this is my story. After hearing many times about SBI! from my fellow marketers and multiple visits to SBI!'s home page, I was convinced. …

C2 Brings Lots Of Visitors To My Site 
C2 has helped increase the number of visitors to our anniversary site, visitors use the C2 form to send a photo and anniversary message for their husband, …

My Site Reaches Global Capacity with C2 and SBI 
School for Wonder Personal Development has finally found the dream home for hosting, design, blogging, collaborating, music and book sales, luxury vacation …

School for Wonder is Now in Session Everywhere, Thanks to C2 
School for Wonder Personal Development has finally found the dream home for hosting, design, blogging, collaborating, music and book sales, luxury vacation …

C2 Rocked 
Hi there! Wellesley from Jamaica in the Caribbean here! I started my SBI site just about 3 years ago now. It has been doing well from virtually the start. …

C2 Increased My Site Traffic, Lets Me Easily Help My Readers 
When Content 2.0 first came out, I was just starting my site and was a little confused about the concept. There was just so much going on that it took …

They want to pay ME? 
I was amazed after a little over 1 year of having my site up when a company that WANTED to have their business name listed (along with all the others I'd …

Kid Birthday Party Invitations Using C2 
Imagine being able to have a free birthday party invitation webpage for your child's party. SBI 2.0 gave me the tools I needed to offer my site visitors …

Best Bang For Your (C2) Buck 
Content 2.0 has been a real blessing to both my Site Build It sites. As I add more and more pages to Romantic Oregon Coast Vacations and Uniquely Portland …

Content 2.0 Gave Me An Interactive Forum! 
When my SBI website World of Lucid Dreaming turned one year old, I was itching to get an interactive forum going. This would allow my readers to share …

C2 Helps Triple Traffic and Income 
I was so excited when I heard about the imminent arrival of Content 2.0. I knew the interactivity it would provide my visitors would be perfect for my …

How C2 Opened a World of eBusiness Opportunity for My Websites 
"SBI!'s Content 2.0 Module has made me feel like a Cyber Queen sitting on top of a virtual world of ebusiness opportunities since C2 creates an amazing …

Directory Building With Content 2.0 
Content 2.0 has provided me with an easy way to build a worldwide pole dancing directory. Pole dancing studios and schools love it because they get an …

Content 2.0 with Adsense and Other Monetization Options 
When I first started C2 I did opt in to putting the 468x60 Adsense Ad on my submission pages and the 120x90 Adsense Ad on my comment pages in the hopes …

Content 2.0 Is A Great Resource for Writing eBooks 
Soon after I launched my web site in Sept, 2006, emails started arriving asking for help with various problems my visitors were having with their stained …

Targeted advertising with Content 2.0 
C2 Module is one of the most exciting parts in SBI! package and we are happy to see it fully integrated into the core system. We have been using Content …

How C2 Helped Our Business Grow  
I really don't know where to post our story. Because C2 has created a viral, trust-building, and competition edge effect on our site. But it all started …

My Amazing Journey On The Content Express 
My experience of Content 2.0? In a word "phenomenal". I already had three successful websites thanks to SBI. Content 2.0 has magnified that success so …

C2 Attracts Targeted Audience Sells Products 
The Content 2.0 module has been a fantastic addition to my SBI site, attracting highly targeted traffic that I was able to quickly and effectively monetize …

Using Content 2.0 to Ask the Pool Pro  
My Ask The Pool Pro section, a part of, has been my most successful use of C2. I answer questions about above ground pools. I am one …

Click here to write your own.

Content 2.0 is a GREAT Monetizing Tool! 
I use C2 for several invitations on my site, but my favorite is my "Drum Tabs On Demand" page. On that page, visitors can order custom written drum transcriptions …

Click here to write your own.

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SBI! delivers a proven process and a the only complete suite of tools that convert your knowledge/passion into a profitable e-business.

Your knowledge and life experiences are unique. Use SBI! to tap into your interests. Connect with like-minded people. Grow a profitable e-business that can make this the first day of the rest of your life.

SBI! has long been the best way to achieve e-business-building success. No other product has its proven track record of success.

We took the best and pushed it an entire level higher. C2 turns your visitors into willing content-contributors. Content 2.0 pushes way beyond blogging, where you still create all the content and where only a few (the same few, if any) visitors leave short comments, often just to get "link love."

Content 2.0 is true Web 2.0 for the small e-business person. Visitors create full Web pages because they want to, because they share your passion. Others comment. Viral spread happens.

To learn more about SBI!, click here.

Important Disclosure

This site was started by (creator of SBI!) to showcase Content 2.0.

The vast majority of pages on this site are from submissions by real SBI! owners who want to share their stories with you.

They receive no compensation of any kind from Their stories are true.

Feel free to interact with any of them with your questions or comments. Use the Comments section at the end of each story.

You will notice a common thread here... These people simply do it. They have "BAM"...

Brain (knowledge of something) Attitude (positive) Motivation" (willing to work).

BAM is the key ingredient that you must add to SBI!. To elaborate...

"Brain" does not mean "brainy." It means they have, or have developed, knowledge in a niche (perhaps from a hobby, job, other life experience).

"Attitude" means they are positive, optimistic people who work well with others (this is why the SBI! Forums are unmatched in the small e-business world).

"Motivation" means they want to build a business and take control of their lives enough to sacrifice some leisure activities.

We point this out because we do not want to falsely raise your expectations. SBI! does not deliver "automatic success." Nothing can.

Your degree of success depends on your own level of "BAM," upon how much time you devote to building your Web business, and upon following the process correctly (every successful SBIer will tell you, "Follow the Action Guide").

SBI! does deliver what it promises... your best chance at e-business success. SBI! works... if you work it.